Don’t Mourn. Organise.

Yesterday Scotland voted against independence. Today half the country are mourning, their hopes of a new state and it’s social democratic promise dashed. The other half are relieved, if perhaps not enthusiastically celebrating, the potential uncertainty removed; things will persist as before. We neither mourn nor celebrate. The scaremongering of the No campaign would likely have proved largely unfounded. So too would the promises of the Yes campaign. In reality our lives would have continued mostly as they did before...

NEW MDB – „Ghettoblaster“ Videoclip !

„Rap, punk, metal, trainbombing, football and many more – this is the world of Moscow Death Brigade!“ --- Watch this excellent new video showing our excellent homies at excellent places performing an excellent tune. Be sure: After you won‘t resist taking part at your local show of the „Never give up tour“ with What We Feel starting today in Novi Sad and saving your copy of the spick-and-span MDB – „Hoods Up“ 12″/CD (FFM037). CHECK!

Referendum rant from an immigrant

This is going to be a bit of a rant rather than a carefully crafted piece because I desperately need to get it off my chest. I haven’t written anything about the referendum yet and I haven’t weighed in much on lots of the discussions that friends and people around me are having (although I have been listening), because my frame of reference is different since I became an anarchist. I’m also not eligible to vote, because I’m not a...

Remember Pavlos Fyssas !

One year ago on september 18th 2013 the antifascist activist Pavlos Fyssas, who also performed as a rap-artist under the name KillahP, was stabbed to death by a member of the greek neonazi-party Chrysi Avgi in a suburb of Athens. In several cities all over Europe comrades and friends of Pavlos will remember him and every other victim of fascist violence today. It’s up to us never to give in and to continue the resistance against the threat of fascism and to oppose its protagonists. The murder on Pavlos which happened in the midst of the social decline in Greece following the economic crisis also warns us, that antifascism always needs to be connected with the struggle against the capitalist crisis system and its austerity politics too. NEVER FORGET THE VICTIMS OF FASCISM! REST IN PEACE PAVLOS!

Liverpool Rise for Palestine Respond to Mayor Joe Anderson

Liverpool Rise for Palestine have released a statement in response to the Liverpool Echo's sensationalist coverage of their protest outside Mayor Joe Anderson's Old Swan home. The Echo published much of it, but here is the original: Mayor Anderson is indignant at the protest outside his house on Friday 12 September, and accuses us of ‘intimidation and thuggery’ (your report 13 September).

My Personal Manifesto for the 2015 General Election (Work in Progress)

Back in May I announced that I'd be standing in next year's general election, as Class War candidate for Liverpool Riverside. Last week I shared my answers to questions asked by the Candidate Hub website. Today I'm sharing my current list of policies (Class War in general have their own here). The policies are the result of brainstorming with my 'closest advisers'. They range from the

Pro-Palestine Campaigners Visit Home of Liverpool Mayor

The view from inside (pic: @JoeforLiverpool) Campaigners from the Liverpool Rise for Palestine group protested outside the home of Mayor Joe Anderson yesterday evening, angered by his Labour council's links with G4S. The notorious security company stand accused of atrocities within the Israeli prison system. From information provided by Anderson himself on his Twitter account, it seems that

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Buchvorstellung: Zwangsräumungen verhindern mit Peter Nowak: Dienstag, 16.9., 20 Uhr, Wagenburg Karlsruhe

Am 16.9. wird Peter Nowak sein Buch “Zwangsräumungen verhindern” in der Wagenburg Karlsruhe, Haid-und-Neu-Str. 153, vorstellen. Die Veranstaltung beginnt um 20 Uhr.


Kampf gegen Zwangsräumungen

Seit Jahren werden in Deutschland tausende Menschen zwangsweise aus ihren Wohnungen geräumt, weil sie die Miete nicht zahlen können. Bisher gab es dagegen kaum Proteste. Doch seit einigen Monaten lassen sich Mieter_innen nicht mehr still vertreiben.

Der Journalist Peter Nowak ( hat in der Edition Assamblage das Buch „Zwangsräumung verhindern“( herausgegeben, in dem Geschichte und Perspektiven dieser Bewegung im Mittelpunkt stehen. Auf der Veranstaltung soll es vorgestellt werden.

Häufig liegt der Grund für die Mietschulden in der Weigerung der Jobcenter die volle Miete zu übernehmen. Ein weiterer Grund ist die zunehmende Totalsanktionierung von Erwerbslosen. Dabei werden ihnen sämtliche Einkünfte gestrichen und die Betroffenen können dann auch die Miete nicht mehr zahlen. Auf der Veranstaltung soll daher auch diskutiert werden, ob und wie de Kampf gegen Zwangsräumungen mit dem Kampf gegen Niedriglohn und Hartz IV verbunden werden kann.

Die Veranstaltung findet in kooperation mit dem Anarchistischen Netzwerk Südwest* und der Wagenburg Karlsruhe statt.

My General Election Profile for Candidate Hub

Support The Class War Party from Lil Onorth on Vimeo. A few weeks back, Candidate Hub asked me a bunch of questions about my election campaign next year. The answers will go up on their website when they've got more answers, but this is what I told them. 1. Obviously our goal is to strengthen the relationship between voters and candidates, but what do you plan to do in order to make sure

Solidarity with brother Adel!

After our comrade Adel from Berlin already had to spend four months behind bars last winter, the trial against him will begin next tuesday, september 9th. He’s accused of throwing a bottle on a NPD-cadre, robbing some ugly nazi-clothes, insulting coppers and scaring fascist scum. Irrespective of whether these accusations are true or not we ask ourselves where the hell’s the problem with all these things??! Adel is threatened by a multi-year prison sentence. Support him at the court.

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